Hey People! Well, this is a new look but the same old stuff....I don't really have anything new to report. I was born in Los Angeles a long time ago! I've been in Europe since 1997(you do the math). I live in Munich and love it here. Lots of great music, great musicians and I'm a huge fan of a good bit of pork knuckle and tasty beer, that means I'll be staying here a while.

My Brother Miguel and Me

My horn teachers while I was living and studying in LA were Audrey Lamprey before college then the Late Great James Decker and the legendary Vincent Derosa. I did have a few lessons with a number of other fantastic Horn players over the years in LA, including a few with Wolfgang Gaag and Eric Terwilliger here in Germany.

I spent some 15 years playing in the Philharmonie der Nationen. I owe that orchestra a great deal of gratitude, but alas, one must move on. I left 'Officially' in 2010 and have been freelancing in the Munich area since. I'll tell you one thing, it has been a great time and it doesn't show signs of slowing down(thank God...).

Have a look at my Calendar and please do drop me a line or contact me any way you can If you happen to be anywhere near my current concert tour location or if you will be in Munich or Germany at all, I'd love to welcome ya'll here!